Ripon Royalty 2022


Ashley Campos, Journalist

Woohoo! The time we have all been waiting for is finally here. The time where seniors’ childhood dreams of becoming a king and queen come true. Make sure you mark your calendars because homecoming is just around the corner. 

Sept.28 Ripon High had their homecoming rally where the candidates of the court were announced by Mr. Rangel, the principal. This year’s 2022 homecoming candidates are seniors Drew Peters, Aj Sidhu, Mackenzie Perry, Rogelio Gonzalez, Maddyn Forks, Max Davis, Jaydin Kroutil, Aiden Krupa, Heaven Elisary, and Camryn Arriola . Congratulations to all of them! Each individual was walked out by an underclassmen.  The girls received a crown and a sash that read “homecoming royalty”. The boys received the same sash. After the rally all the candidates were extremely grateful to be on court. 

“I’m not worried about winning or not winning,” Forks says. “I’m just grateful to be on court and have been nominated.”

All the candidates are thankful they got voted. They agreed that coming into freshman year they did not believe they would be where they are today.

“ I think to an extent every Senior in the class of 23 has shown up so, I think everyone deserves it but I am glad I got this opportunity,” Sidhu explains.

Oct. 29 there was a rally where all the candidates were able to tell the whole school of Ripon High why they should get voted. Some of the speeches were humorous and emotional. It takes a lot of courage to go up on the podium and talk to hundreds of faces.  Some partnered up and created spectacular dances. The crowd was going crazy and enjoying every second of the rally. Each of the dances were well performed.  Good luck to all of our 2022 homecoming candidates!