Homecoming Night Rally


Annie Wild , Journalist

RHS students had a chance to earn their class some hoco class points at the Night Rally. The points were given to the most spirited class as well as the class who performed the best in the night’s lip sync battle. The night consisted of games, dancing, and photo opportunities. 

It was a successful night for the senior class who was able to pull ahead in the homecoming competition as of Oct. 4. Each class had a chance to show their spirit on the football field in a class chant led by rally commissioners and homecoming candidates Jaydin Kroutil and Heaven Elisary. The seniors won this competition by being the loudest class to scream out their cheer. Then the freshman took the field to perform their lip sync dance to songs from the 70s. Following them the sophomores put on an outstanding performance to Treasure by Bruno Mars. After a short intermission football players and cheerleaders danced together, flipping across the grass in front of the students. Students in the audience had an opportunity to take pictures together while exciting music blasted in the background. Next it was time for the juniors to put on their lip sync. Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus was the focal point of the juniors’ dance, which made the crowd shout for the performers. The seniors had the largest group of students participating in the battle. The group combined multiple country songs together and created a partner dance with tricks and acting mixed into it. 

While the judges came to their conclusion on who would win the battle Kroutil led a game of musical chairs. Two representatives from each class were selected to play the game. In the end it came down to football players, senior Camryn Arriola and sophomore Mateo Elisary. They pulled on the last chair aggressively, even being warned to not break the chair. In the end Mrs. Mortenson was the one to decide the winner, which was given to M. Elisary for his effort against Arriola. 

In the end the seniors won both the spirit chants and the lip sync battle for their class. This pushed the seniors farther ahead in the competition.