Future Main Street Day Fun


Hailey Williford, Journalist

Families will gather to eat, shop, and support local businesses in a day full of fun activities. On Saturday, October 15th, Ripon will kick off its 37th annual Main Street Day. “It was always a beautiful fall day where everyone got to spend some time in the town with the people they love,” states Darlene Fox. 

It will last for six hours; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Many activities will be set up including the Kids Zone, hosted by Calvary Church, the pancake breakfast, run by the Ripon Fire Station, and Ripon Elementary’s games and Chili Cook Off. “Last year was super busy,” says an Ice Cream Emporium employee. 

Vendors will line the roads and families will fill the streets. Before Main Street Day opens, the fire station will have pancakes, bacon, and refreshments for breakfast. There’s a raffle there, with many prizes donated by Ripon businesses. Among many vendors strolling along the roads, the Cotton Candy Cowboy will be selling its goods for the duration of Main Street Day.

According to the Ripon Chamber of Commerce, there will be a color run, art, live music, and a car show. The car show has been around since the first Main Street Day. Gary Fox recalls one of the first times Ripon had Main Street Day and he said, “My dad would always tell me we had to leave at 5 a.m. to go to the breakfast and then go see the cars.” They will also have a Pet Parade that will feature adorable animals dressed in costumes. 

Calvary’s Kids Zone this year will have the annual pumpkin decorating stations. Stickers and paints are provided for children to use on their free pumpkins. Along with that there will be pumpkin bowling for the kids and a photo booth. 

Ripon High School’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) program will be hosting a petting zoo. Many different types of animals such as pigs and chickens, will be available for kids to pet and learn about. The FFA Vice President, Hailey Knief, said, “The main goal is to show off Ag to the community and kids that don’t know how important it is.” 

If you think your chili is undefeated, you have the chance to test your cooking with Ripon Elementary’s Chili Contest. There’s a five dollar entry fee if you would like to judge and all contestants will need to bring their chili to the front lawn of the school at 10:30. Along with the contest, the school will have games, popcorn, and prizes. 

“My favorite thing about Main Street Day was that my daughter would always try to watch what I was looking at and secretly get me that for my birthday,” said Darlene Fox. “A lot of really neat crafts were always set up and I would love to look at them whenever I went.” Lots of different types of art will be featured along the road like wooden crafts and themed home decorations. Many shops give out pencils, pens, candies, and all kinds of swag.

Come support local businesses on the 15th and bring your family for a fun time and some food.