Pumped-Up Podcast

Liliana Loya, Journalist

Did you know our school has a podcast that describes shines a spotlight on teachers, and students? Well we do! Mr Mayfield and his T.A.’s junior Jenna Skavdahl, senior Mackenzie Loechler, and junior Alizeh Ali have all been hard at work creating this. Mayfield states, “We just started it. The goal of the podcast is to mostly find people on campus both teachers and students especially who maybe don’t get as recognized as other students. And just kind of celebrate Ripon High, and the people here.” If you take any of his classes you’ve probably seen the hard working T.A.’s at work in the corner. If you were wondering what it was that they did, this is it! 


According to Mr. Mayfield this podcast will also discuss issues such as mental health. This may be needed by many students through out Ripon High so make sure to check in out when it releases. With this podcast many of the deserving students who go unnoticed will be brought to recognition! Though not only do we have Mr. Mayfield to thank for this upcoming new source of information, but great thanks and credits to the three amazing students making this possible.