Showcasing Latin Culture: Estudiantes Unidos


Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

Estudiantes Unidos is a club run by students who want to highlight the hispanic population on campus. The club is striving for a successful year creating events to bring together all students of Latin culture and to help showcase the different Spanish Speaking countries as a whole community.

This club is very involved around the school throughout the year and will be seen around campus helping out with multiple events. Every year the club is responsible for distributing spooky grams. Around October the club offers the chance to purchase spooky grams for friends, family, or staff. Later on in the year Estudiantes Unidos hosts a Cinco de Mayo event where students can stop by to dance along with the club members and enjoy a special treat that differs every year.

“The club is mostly about showcasing the latin culture that we have in this school,” stated Jose Navarro. “Just being able to show the different latin cultures and how beautiful they are.”

This year the officers include President Jose Navarro, Vice President Kharime Caratachea, Secretary Javier Cuen and Treasurer Juan Guzman. This year also came with not one but two new advisors, Mrs. Elsa and Mr. Saenz. The club also plans on helping the community in many different ways. In previous years the club has gotten to do volunteer service at the recycling center and plans to do so this year as well. A tradition the club wants to keep doing as well is visiting a college campus at the end of the year where they tour the campus and do some activities together afterwards. 

“There’s a lot of events you can participate in, such as dancing on 5 de mayo, spooky grams, and secret santa. We are basically a family and the most important thing that a lot of students are afraid of is that you don’t have to know Spanish or be from a certain country to join,” described Javier Cuen. 

If interested in joining the club the following 2022-23 school year you can communicate with teacher advisor, Mr. Saenz and  Mrs. Elsa, or current club president Jose Navarro and Vice president Kharime Caratachea for more information on what the club is really about.