Reviving Reading at RHS


     Do you have any books laying around that you don’t have any use for? Well, then you should participate in Book Cluub’s book drive that is taking place this week! If you’re interested, there are donation bins located in the English classrooms on campus. You can donate any book that is suitable for ages 6-18 and all contributions will go towards the girls and boys book club located in Manteca. These members will greatly appreciate any donation, and RHS will only be accepting donations from Oct. 24-28, so don’t miss out! 

     “I really wanted to promote reading in our community and I wanted to help kids that might not be able to get these types of books, so I think it’s a really good way for our school to help the community,” states Grace Mikami, senior.

     Grace Mikami’s “Book Cluub” was searching for a way to benefit our community and others surrounding us as well. Reading is an essential part of enhancing education, but not every child may have the access needed to receive books, which is why this book drive was created in the first place. Ripon High’s ultimate goal is to benefit children and anyone that is fond of reading. Not only does this book drive help support those around us, but it gives readers a chance to share literature that has had a strong impact in their lives as well as education.

     “I think it will help our club unite with our community outside of school, which is why I wanted to do the book drive, and I also felt like our club needed other aspects, such as providing for our community” says Mikami.