Rock & Roll Club Begins


Rock & Roll Club just rolled onto campus! They formed this semester and are thrilled to get things started. 

“We are just starting out and want to get the club going and start fundraising, but right now, we need the publicity and get our name out there [to] get people interested to join,” says James Wilkins, sophomore and vice president.

The president of the club, Gavin Olds, and Vice President Wilkins have worked hard to get this club to become official here at RHS. They strive to create a club to serve people and give students the opportunity to have that community. 

“It would be really cool to have some kind of show and [we] want to buy instruments for people who want to learn how to play. That’s one of our big goals for the future,” says Wilkins.

Football coach and English teacher, Chris Musseman, helped get this club pointed toward the right direction when President Olds approached him with a guitar in hand.

“I think it’s great,” says Musseman. “Here’s someone who likes rock ‘n’ roll music and it seems like the current generation doesn’t know much about it, and it’s nice to see someone who is interested in it. So, I’m pretty excited for the club.”

Musseman sent Olds to another English teacher on campus, The Smoke Signal’s own Scott Sikma, due to his love of rock music as well.

“Gavin came to my classroom one day to ask if I could be the advisor of a new club he was starting, and I immediately agreed,” Sikma says. “We didn’t even know each other yet, but I was excited to hear students on campus share their passion for live music.”

The club meets on Tuesdays during lunch in Mr. Sikma’s room F7. All are welcome to attend (musicianship not required). If interested, don’t be afraid to stop by and check it out!