Flying Into FFA Fun


Taken by senior, Lauren Martini

Recently, FFA members at Ripon High were given their annual opportunity to partake in National Convention. Members who choose to participate fly to Indianapolis to attend important meetings, conferences, and tours that will heighten their experience in the program. This year, the convention occurred from Oct. 24-28 and members returned very satisfied with their trip. Each member has their own motive and incentive to participate, but ultimately they are searching for ways to become more involved and knowledgeable regarding the program.

“National Convention had so much to offer. We got the opportunity to tour a dairy, soybean plant, derby, and a sanatorium. There was also the whole aspect of being able to explore a totally different state and community which was a really unique experience to not take for granted. It also gave way for numerous ways to better myself and my leadership skills,” states senior, Lauren Martini.

Captured by FFA member, Lauren Martini

This week-long trip provides the FFA members with endless opportunities to not only prove their interest in the program, but to also unite with other students just as eager to learn as they are. National convention can allow students to discover what they plan to do after highschool, as well as build relationships and connections with those further advanced in FFA.

“It helps me build relationships within our chapter and outside our chapter, we’ve met a lot of people that were from California, and some that were not from California, and it is useful if you want to get jobs in certain industries because it helps your put your foot in the door,” says senior, Hailey Knief.

Without a doubt, National Convention is an excellent opportunity for RHS students interested in agriculture to establish meaningful connections with those that can help them find a job later in life. If this is something that you’re interested in, consider participating for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year!