Captivating Winter Concert


For the first time in two years our band, orchestra, and choir had a live performance on December 14th in the MUB for students, friends, and family to enjoy!

First to perform was the zero period orchestra, which is made out of both students of Ripon High and middle school students from the Ripon district. Dressed in all black they gave an outstanding performance. Before their first piece Mr. Felver announced the three students that made the All County Orchestra, which were Violet Weidman, Valente Hernandez, and Emilie Vallez. A big congratulations to those three students for their skills and hard work paying off. As for the concert the first song they performed was “House of Untold Horrors’ ‘ by Lauren Bernofsky. This piece was narrated by Mr. Felver, and it told the story of a man on an eerie windy October day entering a haunted house. The suspense throughout the narration intrigued the audience and kept their attention focussed. The musicians not only made the sound effects of the story playing with their bows, but with their hands as well, by plucking the strings, and knocking on their instruments. Secondly, the orchestra played “This is Halloween” by Danny Elfman, a classic and a true delight for the audience to listen to. The song sounded identical to a studio recorded version and was very impressive. As for their third piece they performed “Ashokan Farewell ” by Jay Ungar, with a solo from middle schooler Violet Weidman. The solo by Weidman was marvelous and very thorough. The song in all was very slow and peaceful, pretty much a transition song from eerie Halloween to joyous Christmas music. Fourth was “Spin Dreidel Spin ” by Andrew Dabczynski. A tribute to the Jewish audience which used a lot of plucking, slow in the beginning as well but an entertaining song! Fifth, was “Christmas Sampler ”, a slow piece as well, which is used in The Nutcracker. Lastly for the sixth song the orchestra performed “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch ” by Albert Hague. This song had a great ending as it was a song everyone knew and enjoyed, it ranged from slow to fast, and back to slow. This kept the audience entertained and engaged. 

Next in the entire event was the Ripon High Choir. Who are not only made of advanced singers, but beginners as well, but despite this they gave an amazing performance.Even though no solos were performed from this group each and every one of their voices were heard and taken account of.To start off their performance they stepped up to the front of the stage capturing the audience’s attention and started to sing “Sing out, It’s Christmas!” by Douglas E. Wagner. After this song they performed “Colorado Trail ” by Linda Spevacek which was a beautiful piece that suited the performers voices so well, it was truly enchanting. To accompany the singers voices was John Yeung gracefully playing the piano complimenting them greatly. Third they sang “America The Beautiful ”, for this piece Felver played the piano alongside his students. As for the fourth song, “Armed Forces Salute ”, Felver did announce that this year our choir was given the opportunity from the Ripon Chamber of Commerce to perform at this year’s Veteran’s Day activities. Which was a true honor for both the choir, and our entire school. Fifth, they sang “Earth Song ” by Frank Ticheli, which was a slow touching song challenging our singer’s voices, but they all rose to the occasion! Last, but most definitely not least was “Carol of the Bells’ ‘, which was very challenging for the newcomers as it contained collegiate level literature and straining notes to perform, this song kept a steady fast speed and was captivating. This was a beautiful performance though as the song tells of birds bringing good tidings to all!

Lastly, to close off the night was the Ripon High Symphonic Band! These students play the flute, alto saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, trombone, and multiple drums. This band was a change of pace from the sweet sounds of the choir and orchestra, they  played jazz-like music and the audience loved it. First to be played by this band was “Into the Clouds” by Richard Saucedo, which was a very upbeat song,capturing the audience’s attention immediately. Secondly, performed was “Abracadabra” by Frank Ticheli.This song was performed by the entire band, it was indeed a cheerful light hearted song. Coming in at the third song was “The Thunderer” by John Philip Sousa, also known as “The President’s Own” was performed exquisitely and without mistake. Fourth was “Santa the Barbarian” By Randall Standrige was a narrated piece, being narrated by Mr. Mark Dobbins, this told the story of a Santa that is told as a winter warrior. Fifth to be performed was “Traditional Christmas Carols”, accompanied by the choir. They were amazing partners to each other and made the piece all the more superior! Lastly, to be played was the Ripon High Hymn, to end off the amazing night that showcased our musicians and singers talents!