Kick Starting the Soccer Season


Liliana Loya, Journalist

The World Cup began in November and so did our soccer season! Both our boys and girls soccer teams have started their season off excellently. For example, our varsity girl’s soccer team who won the Hughson Tournament beating El Capitan 5-0, and Hughson 8-1. A huge thanks is due to the captains, Seniors: Ines Rodriguez, Jaydin Kroutil, and Gabbi Ilardi for assisting our team to victory. Senior, Jaydin Kroutil says,”My experience through the Ripon high soccer program has been amazing as I’ve been able to play with my friends by my side since freshman year. This season is going to be amazing and we already have some big wins in the books.” 

As for our JV team who is coached by Coach Isaac and led by their captains Katie Vangorken, and Maddy Reedy have a promising season ahead of them. Lastly,  our freshmen team is coached by Coach Isaac as well and are eagerly waiting for their first game in January. 

Next for our boys teams with only a JV and Varsity team. Our freshman boys faced very high stakes for tryouts due to the fact that we have only a JV and Varsity team. Although for Armando Ayon though it was a breeze. Ayon is a freshman on Varsity which is coached by Ms. Taa, he says “We’re doing good, we just need to work together more, we’re getting there by working with each other more. I have hope for us. We’re successful right now and working really well as a team.” 

As you can tell, he has extreme hope for his team and is excited to get this season going! JV too has high hopes, with their captains being freshman Cameron Dumlao, Sophomore Isiah Green, and Silas Morris.