Grease is in Danger


A great opportunity for all avid Grease watchers and thespians to fulfill their dreams of portraying Olivia Newton-John or John Trevolta, has come to be in our school. Mr. Felver held auditions for Grease in his classroom after school for all who may be interested. Now although this production is not debuting until April, auditions have started, and ended. Though this musical is in danger of not debuting at all due to the extremely low amount of male auditioners. By extremely low amount I specifically mean: one. Yes, that’s right only one male auditioned. Felver says, “But we didn’t have enough people audition for Grease so we might have to pick a different musical, only one male auditioned.” In order to keep this musical alive: boys who are interested please go to Mr. Felvers classroom for more information. Take the chance and don’t be scared auditioning is an easy process! Sophomore Emma Olaughlin states, “Auditioning was really good he had me sing a couple times, then I did my monologue…and the song was from the Grease soundtrack.” As seen by Olaughlin auditioning is a breeze, so take the chance and make a visit to Mr. Felver’s room today (H4).