Schoolwide Speeches

Schoolwide Speeches

Annie Wild, Journalist

Speeches have continued in the English department for the last month and will continue into the upcoming week. Each student who is enrolled in an English course was to give a speech to their class for a chance to move on in a district wide speech competition, held on Wednesday, Feb 8 in the Multi-Use Building (MUB). Freshmen and sophomores presented an informational speech, while juniors and seniors delivered an argumentative speech.

Students went through planning and writing processes, before they delivered their speech to their class. The student who received the highest grade on their speech advanced to the next round, which is the grade level competition.  Speeches were between two and a half and five minutes long. In the case of a tie in the class competitions, the speaker who was closer to three minutes was granted the first place title. 

 Kyra Schneringer, Moses Gomez, Kember Duncan, Tate Douglas, Kaylee Randall, Kimberly Lira Islas, Will Verver, Alejandra Hernandez,  John Yeung, Ashley Campos, Magdalena Diego, Malak Serreyah were leaders for the freshman class. Sophomore competitors consisted of Abigail Hendley, Claire Morris, Magdalena Diego, Austin Wiebe, Mollie Walker, and Giolanna Loretelli. For the juniors Alana Jones, Lucie Wagner, Alizeh Ali, Jenna Skavdahl, Navreet Singh, Jamie Ferguson, Braige Medeiros, Aidan Latno, and Gabby Melgarejo had their opportunity to share their speech and try to secure their spot in the competition. Elmer Perez, Maria Nessim, Abby Campos, Ali Haines, Vivian Parsons, Melissa Garcia were the graduating seniors who advanced in the contest. 

Good luck to all of the Ripon High students in their advancement and speaking in this great opportunity.