Successful Senior Sober Grad Volleyball Game


Ripon High Sober Grad held their 2023 volleyball fundraising tournament on Jan. 28 where many staff and students had the chance to show off their awesome volleyball skills. The crowd was loud, the staff were competitive, and the adrenaline was high. 

The games started off with 6v6 senior boys since there were not a lot of underclassmen that participated. Next it was alumni vs staff. After getting a sneak peek of the amazing volleyball skills of our hardworking staff, alumni took the win. Later on that day, it was the senior boys Blue team against the senior girls Blue team. The next team after was the senior boys Green team and senior girls Green team. Lastly, it was the senior boys Green team vs the senior girls Orange team. To end the fun night it was parents vs senior students. It was fascinating watch

ing the parents go against our seniors. They all did a fabulous job and the parents took the win.

There was nothing but positive feedback with how this event was well planned out. 

Mr. Lefler states, “I love participating in that kind of stuff [fundraisers].”

Overall, this event was successful.

“I’d just like to thank everyone for coming out, it was a lot of fun,” senior Victor Alvarellos states.

A lot of the students had an enjoyable time. We can’t wait to continue this tradition. Until next year seniors! 

Thank you so much to our Sober Grad staff President Danielle Cunningham, Secretary Sylvia Ochoa, Treasurer Marianne Baird, and Vice President Ashley Peters. If it weren’t for them this eventful night would have not been possible!