2023-2024 Class Elections


Annie Wild, Journalist

Elections for the upcoming school year have come to a close. Class officer campaigns were held from Feb. 13 to Feb. 16. Candidates were students who would be taking the ASB course next year and did not run for an ASB officer position. Positions included class president, vice president, publicity officer, and admin. For their campaign students went through a process of filling out an application with questions to respond to, gathering two letters of recommendation, creating a speech, and making posters. 

For the incoming sophomores, Emme Wilbur ran for president, Mia Duarte for vice president, Camden Downs and Lillian Peterson for publicity, and Dilawar Singh for admin. Incoming junior candidates included Claire Morris for president, Isaiah Green for vice president, Mina Armanious for publicity officer, and Sofia Grewal for admin. For next year’s senior class Ava Brocchini ran for president, Katie Rhodes for vice president, and Allie Camara and Ava Keast for publicity officer.