March Madness ’23


Ripon High SuperFan has continued to host their annual March Madness with this year’s shooter being our principal, Mr. Keith Rangel. Sign-ups began the week of March 6 and there were over 64 spots available for anyone that were interested in participating. A bracket was formed for people to guess the anticipated shots Rangel might make out of the 20 free throws and is updated each round. The guess that’s closest to the amount of throws made, advances to the next round. After 5 rounds, there were only two people remaining: junior Owen Wilbur and sophomore Ava Vanderwerff. Lastly, in round 6, Rangel made 9 shots and the participant that won it all was Wilbur.  

Even though Vanderwerff lost, she and Wilbur agreed this year’s March Madness went well. “It feels great. I stuck to my plan and it worked out,” explained Wilbur. 

Vanderwerff said, “[It] felt pretty great. I think I’m a good guesser; I felt pretty lucky.” This was both their first time participating and luck was definitely on their side. Rangel did an amazing job with his free throws, and Vanderwerff and Wilbur did an amazing job guessing lucky numbers.

Who will be next year’s shooter and March Madness’ winner?