Spotlight: Mrs. Mortensen


There are multiple administrators and staff members on the Ripon High campus that deserve to be spotlighted. Every teacher and staff member are all doing a lot for our students. Today, your journalism team would like to show everything our leadership teacher Mrs. Mortensen, or Morty, does for Ripon High. She is involved with coordinating most events that go on at RHS. She runs the leadership class and is extremely devoted to all of her students. Morty also helps run the Every 15 Minutes program that Ripon High participated in back in March. She also organizes Link Crew in the beginning of each year as well as freshman orientation, and she oversees all the clubs and advisory classes for the seniors. 

Sophomore Claire Morris says, “Being involved in the leadership program has really changed my life. It has allowed me amazing opportunities and given me a space to meet some of my best friends. Morty has taught me that one of the most important things you need to succeed is faith in your own abilities and trust in those you work with.” 

What most of the student body sees is all the activities Mrs. Mortensen runs, but in the classroom her goal is to develop professional leaders. Her intention in being the leadership teacher was to get students ready for the real world. We spoke to Mrs. Mortensen and asked her a simple question, “Why do you do what you do?”

“I love what I do,” she responded, “and I am passionate about it. I believe there’s good in what you do with high expectations and pushing everybody to do their best. I believe we can really create magic at our school.” 

Mrs. Mortensen’s students describe her as determined and motivated and says that she always puts her all into what she does. She puts her students, the school and all the events before herself. As well as holding the stress of running all the events, she does everything with 100% energy. She inspires many and continues to go above and beyond for everybody. 

Kylee Brown says, “Our school would not be the same without her.” Upcoming ASB president, Jenna Skavdahl passionately talks about Morty and it’s clear that Morty has inspired her. Jenna says, “She is so resilient in everything she does, coming to class we know she has high expectations which inspires me to live up to them. I never want to disappoint so she has inspired me to always be mindful in leadership and doing my best around school.” Jenna also mentions how she is thankful that leadership does other stuff rather than just activities; they also do professional websites, mock interviews, and a lot of stuff with professional development. 

We also have come to find out that Mrs. Mortensen is a big advocate of mental health and in her free time she also is a yoga instructor. She says, “I fully understand that being a teenager today is definitely not easy, so I encourage everyone to find simple things to love.”

Students at Ripon High are extremely thankful and appreciative for everything Morty does. From teaching students professional development to simply teaching students how to love themselves, everyone that comes into contact with her kind soul is lucky. Thank you Morty for everything!