Sliding into Baseball


Since we’re now in spring, that means spring sports have begun at Ripon High, with that being said, baseball has knocked the season out of the park so far. Despite many of their games being canceled or postponed due to weather conditions, the ones they were allowed to play, were done so very well, including both wins and losses. 

With that being said during the season the team has been working on many things to improve and continue to do so through proper training. 

“As a team they battled through making adjustments and working to implement what is being coached and preached which mainly consisted of working on how to get proper at-bats, have the right mindset and the right approach in knowing what to do with a baseball in game situations to make the game properly fall into place,” said baseball coach, Cole Williams.

So far, the team has played 21 games in total and only has 6 more regular season games. The Ripon High baseball varsity team has won 13 games, two of those games being a doubleheader against Escalon, our rivals. The team has seemed to be working extremely hard together and have created a good dynamic across the field. They are still working extremely hard for the rest of the season in hopes of making it to league.

“A personal goal for me is to work on my swing to make it the best it can be and for us as a team to come together and win the league,” says Renzo Garcia, a junior on the Varsity baseball team.