Spotlight Mackenzie Perry

Senior Mackenzie Perry has been a part of the JROTC family for all four years of her high school career, including the three years before coming to RHS. Coming into her sophomore year, she started receiving ranks. Since then, she’s had all 5 ranks in the program, including being in the highest position this year. When asked what her favorite memory is, Perry said, “I think one of my favorite memories is when [my sister and I were] playing tug-of-war. When we were younger, every year, until this year, we played. My sister and I would go against each other, she always ends up winning, but it’s so fun to do anyways.” 

Perry has had an amazing experience and out of this, she learned how to better her time management. The Colonel has helped her get over her tendency to procrastinate. After learning so much through the program, she has goals for what she wants to do after leaving high school. Perry explained, “I’m interested in becoming a teacher. If I taught high school, [I would teach] English. If I taught the younger kids, I’d prefer teaching third grade.”

We are sad to see her go, but she has left a huge impact on the JROTC program.