Growing Plant Club


There are an abundance of clubs that the student body offers at RHS, one club in particular is very green…plant club! The plant club’s advisor is Mrs. Van Vuren and the club is run by Junior Kira Basinal. Plant club is a place for plant enthusiasts to learn about caring for and growing plants and they would love more members next year! It’s a new club this year so Kira would love to have the club grow next year.

“Mrs. Van Vuren taught us how to graft plants and that was really fun. I really hope the plant grows next year because I really enjoyed it,” states  Gracie Winchell, senior.

Basinal started the club because of her interest in plants and she wanted to find some people who had the same interest as her. She always had the idea of starting this club but just decided to make it happen the week before club rush. They have had plant propagating lessons where they learn how to grow houseplants from cuttings, as well as seed planting sessions where they plant seeds to grow seedlings for fundraisers. They are currently growing herbs. They have also explored the possibility of planting flowers for pollinators here on our school grounds. Make sure next year you join the RHS plant club!