College Tuition Should be Free

College Tuition Should be Free

     The debate as to whether or not college tuition should be free has been argued for decades, with logical reasoning concluded on both sides. However, for a multitude of reasons, I believe that widespread free college tuition would strongly benefit not only our economy, but society as a whole. Free college that is accessible to everyone that is interested would increase the average level of education in the public, broaden the workforce, reduce student debt, and allow those who face financial hardship to continue their education. 

     A well educated population would benefit multiple generations because society would be more advanced and those with a higher education are more likely to contribute to society and pursue largely demanded jobs such as doctors, politicians, lawyers, etc. A well educated population would be able to better solve issues in our society and new matters that we are facing such as many political, social, and environmental issues that pose threats, including climate change, the state of our economy, and international affairs and growing tension.

     If the government were to introduce free college, this would also eliminate the excessive amount of student debt that is plaguing many current and previous students in today’s world. For those that do wish to pursue a degree or higher education, they are left with thousands of dollars of debt that will take years to repay even after successfully being hired for a stable job. With interest rates only rapidly rising, this is acting as a steady deterrent for young people to enroll in college because the debt that they are left with is truly devastating. Families that face financial struggles cannot afford the luxury to send their children or themselves to college solely because of money, which is a sad, but true reality. 

     This idea has been implemented in several countries already, such as Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, France, and Germany, along with so many others. Some countries however, aren’t completely free but the costs are dramatically reduced, which is a step in the right direction. Most students walk away from college with debt equivalent to buying a house, and it appears to only be increasing. Most college scholarships only account for a fraction of the total cost of tuition and the students will still likely need to rely on student loans. Many students also have to decline offers of admission due to financial hardship, which should never need to happen. 

     In our society today, we have built an economy in which money defines us and limits our path in life as well as our knowledge that should be a basic right. Yes, elementary and highschool education may be free, but education shouldn’t stop there. With adults being provided with more schooling, they will be better equipped to handle worldly matters and have more wisdom and experience with the challenges they will face in their careers. If this matter continues to worsen, then generations from now we will become less knowledgeable and unaware of social issues and how to handle them due to lack of higher education.