Graham’s Fourth Quarter Has Come To An End


After seven years of impactful work at Ripon High it is now, unfortunately, time to wish Justin Graham a fond farewell. His dedication to the school has been greatly noticed by his efforts of improving and guiding his students and athletes. Not just an incredible teacher, Graham is also an exceptional basketball coach. All of his players have nothing but positive feedback to give. With an overall record of 120-77, Graham started coaching in 2016. His teams placed first in the TVL (Trans Valley League) consecutively his first four years.

“He connected with us on a personal level,” states varsity point guard Landon Gillespie. “He would make jokes and always brought us up as a team.”

Justin Graham is an alumnus here at Ripon High. He was loved by many and was an honor roll student. It’s a heartfelt goodbye considering he was once where we students are today and then came back to be up in front of the classroom for many years.

“It’s a little bitter sweet,” Graham states. “I really enjoy the time I have with my students in the classroom,  building those relationships and getting to know people.”

Graham might not be able to ride his bicycle to work anymore, but he is excited for his new expedition at River Islands High School and the many opportunities that will come across his successful path. Graham will be the Riptide assistant principal and the athletic director. 


  When asked if he would like to leave a message to his staff and students, he states, “I will miss you; I love you; I’ll see you at the Farmers Market; I’ll see you at the basketball games; I’ll still be around, and I’m still gonna be part of this community.”

Let’s all wish Mr. Graham good luck on his future journey. We know he will accomplish great things. Thank you, Mr. Graham, for your hard effort into making Ripon High the World’s Greatest High School!