Secret Facts About Disneyland You Probably Didn’t Know

lexi hyer

Disneyland is known to be the Happiest Place on Earth and that is not a lie. On average about 15 to 20 million people a year visit Disneyland. At the park you are known to always find Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and many attractions, characters and decorations all around. As those are the most obvious to see, there are some things that require you to look harder or be a Disney fanatic. Disneyland is also known to have many interesting facts about it.

1. One semi-obvious thing is hidden Mickeys. Hidden Mickeys can be found almost everywhere throughout both parks and even on the attractions.


2. The ride Matterhorn, has a basketball hoop toward the top of the mountain. Yes, you read that right, there is a basketball court in a ride. It was mostly used by mountain climbers and cast members to prepare for scheduled climbs or to pass the time when there was bad weather.

3. Every night, Disneyland will release cats that help catch and control any mice that want to roam the park. Sometimes they don’t catch all the cats at the end of the day and every once in awhile you can see a few hanging around the park.

4. On Main Street, to the right when first walking into the park, next to City Hall, you will see a firehouse. There is something very special about this firehouse. It is known to be a home of Walt Disney himself. That is why, if you have ever noticed it, there is a lantern in the window, to represent him


5. Above the ride Pirates of the Caribbean, there is a room called the Dream Suite and you can actually stay in it, if you were to win a contest.

6. There also is a private club that is called Club 33, located in the heart of New Orleans Square.

7. In Tomorrowland, there are actual edible plants. Yes, plants you can actually eat. Throughout this part, and only this part, there are fruits and vegetables planted.

8. At the railroad station in New Orleans you will hear a sort of continuous tapping noise, which is actually morse code coming from the telegraph station. What the morse code is saying is the few opening lines of Walt Disney’s speech from the opening day of Disneyland. “To all who come to to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.”

9. The castle is the most beloved attraction at the theme park, and has two very special things about it. One is that there is a coin-like object on the floor of the walkway, that represents the original and exact center point of Disneyland. Also when walking through the castle, to go into Fantasyland, look up and you will see the actual Disney family crest on the castle wall.


10. When the Pirates of the Caribbean ride first opened in 1967, it was decorated with actual skeletal remains that were obtained from the UCLA medical center to make the ride look more convincing. Most of the bones were replaced with fake skeletons as time went on, but employees at the park say that the skull above the treasure room bed near the end of the ride still remains.