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Making America Great Again

Deven Stokes

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On November 8, America was stunned when Donald Trump took over the election and became our new President Elect. Since the election, an outburst of riots have occurred and democrats are stunned. On the other hand, many Republicans rejoice on the defeat Trump had over democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. The people have spoken. Regardless of where the voter stands, he is our president and it is time for America to come together.

Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946. He is married to former model, Melania Trump, and has two daughters and three sons. Trump graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where he studied economics. Some agree that Trump is a “family guy,” while others argue and claim that his sexual language said in the past may question his ability to run a country.

According to Psychology Today, there are two sides to Donald Trump, a dark side and a bright side. To start with the dark side, Trump is said to be very bold. Although in some cases, being bold is a good thing, Trump can sometimes be overly self-confident in his actions. Secondly, Trump is highly mischievous. He enjoys taking risks and that could affect our country negatively in the end.

On the bright side, Trump is adjusted. He does not get nervous nor is he afraid to be under pressure. He is a business-man, therefore, his ambition allows him to accomplish tasks quickly under any circumstances. Trump is very individual and independent, nor is he the sensitive type. He seems unconcerned with the little details, and is always on the move.

Overall, Trump is our new President Elect and he has stated he will try his best to fulfill the needs of this country. Everyone should come together, let your voices be heard, and join in on the adventure of, “Making America Great Again.”


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Making America Great Again