Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Live Action 2017

lexi hyer

In November 22, 1991, Disney released another animated princess movie called Beauty and the Beast, which people went crazy over. 26 years later, Walt Disney Pictures released a live action movie of the same name, which also received critical acclaim. People bought midnight premiere tickets weeks in advance and box offices have already made about 462 million dollars worldwide. The movie is directed by Bill Condon and features music composed by Alan Menken, with Jacqueline Durran designing the costumes for the film.

An arrogant, selfish prince and all his castle workers are cursed by an enchanted queen. The prince becomes a beast and will stay that way until he can learn to love and be loved in return. A year after, Belle (played by Emma Watson), a bright and beautiful woman, yearns for “adventure in the great wide somewhere” but is instead locked away in a dark, cold castle hosted by the beast (played by Dan Stevens). Although she is fearful of her stay there, she soon befriends the castle’s enchanted staff. Belle also looks deeper than the Beast’s hideous appearance and learns that he is actually kindhearted.

The movie is put together very well. One song from the old movie was taken out, but a few more songs were added in. The film adds more to the storyline, like a backstory showing who Belle’s mother is and what happened to her. The new movie is still as inspiring as the old one, showing children that beauty lies within.

I would highly recommend you take some time with any loved ones and watch this movie. The story line is inspiring and teaches children an important lesson. I love Emma Watson because she was the perfect actress for the role of Belle and did an amazing job portraying her. All the other actors and actresses did a very good job as well. All in all, it’s an amazing movie that is well directed and well performed. As I am a sucker for all things Disney, this movie has fulfilled all my expectations and is one I will always love to watch.