Fun Educational Activities for Summer

Summer time is approaching quickly and as each day passes by, we all get closer and closer to the sweet days filled with sunshine and smiles. If you are a busybody, summer time might mean free time to pursue your hobbies or find new interests, this is the article for you!

Maria Soto, Assistant Editor

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Educational Activities to do During Summer


Take Community Classes at MJC

MJC has a whole selection of classes that are open to the community every semester. If you’ve ever wanted to take up an instrument, get into jewelry making, or honing your photography skills, you should take a look at MJC4Life’s course catalog. The summer edition will be coming out soon!


College Summer Camps

Four year colleges all around us offer exciting extracurriculars for people of all ages!

Stanislaus State

Stan State offers community camps for adults and youth. Youth programs include science camps, music and writing programs, and athletic camps.


Cal offers activities ranging from developmental to sports for all ages. Some of the camps offered for teenagers and adults include archery, martial arts, windsurfing, and leadership.


UC Davis

Teen programs that UC Davis offer include biology camps and a workshop for young composers.



Stanford has a specialized category of programs just for high school students. Camps are available for students interested in science, math, and/or internships.

Ripon Library

Our very own public library offers some cool events that are open to the public during the summer. They have afternoon tea and coloring and a chess club that meets on mondays. If you rather do something more educational, the library offers access to Rosetta Stone to people who have a library card.


You don’t have to join a community based program if that is not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to find new interests during the summer.


Have a Painting Party with Bob Ross

Have some friends over and paint some beautiful landscapes in your own living room or backyard. Bob Ross will take you step by step on an artistic journey with his show The Joy of Painting on Netflix.


Learn a New Language with Duolingo

Do you feel like brushing up on your Spanish or French? Want to learn Mandarin or Klingon? Download Duolingo and learn a new language for free!