The Cool and Creative Life of Cameron Cardoza


Cameron Cardoza is a senior at Ripon high, and not your average high schooler. Cardoza is involved in many activities that are not your normal teenage hobbies. Cardoza enjoys filmmaking, playing dungeons and dragons, watching Marvel movies, and practicing the art of magic.

    Cardoza has a youtube channel, and enjoys creating animations, and making videos with his friends. Cardoza’s videos have allowed him to express his creativity, while having a lot of fun in the process.

    “My older sister loved making funny videos with me, when she went on to highschool she couldn’t make them anymore, as a result I began to make my own videos.” Stated Cardoza.

    Cardoza’s love for film led him to create the videoclub at Ripon high, and his love for acting led him to the school plays. Performing in the school plays allowed Cardoza to express creative energy surrounded by friends.


I loved performing in the school plays. This allowed me to express my creativity and energy

— Cameron Cardoza

,” stated Cardoza.

    Cardoza has found himself interested in magic, and not many people know that Cardoza has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. After being taught a few card tricks by his dad, he fell in love with magic. Cardoza began to teach himself tricks, and learns about famous magicians.

    “I enjoy performing magic and am always trying to entertain my friends;” Said Cardoza.

    Cardoza not only is involved in school activities, but not many people know that he is also an eagle scout. Cardoza has been a boy scout his whole life, and worked his way to the eagle title.

    “Achieving my Eagle scout was a huge accomplishment for it was something I was working towards my whole life,” Stated Cardoza.

    Cardoza is attending BYU in the fall, and plans to study film and engineering. Cardoza hopes to work for amanimation study, and direct/ act in films. Cameron Cardoza will do great things, and wish him luck as he takes his next leap into a new chapter.