Mrs. Routhier: Who Really Sits Behind the Desk of the Attendance Office?


Many people in our lives simply do not get enough credit for how much they help us. It can be someone like our parents or a teacher, or even a stranger who brightened a cloudy day by doing something nice. One amazing person at Ripon High School who doesn’t receive enough credit is the Attendance Secretary and Secretary to the Vice Principal, Mrs. Pam Routhier.

“My job can be a pretty busy one in this office, but it allows me to interact with the students which makes me happy!” Routhier said.

Many students know her as the lively face when they enter the attendance office. What many do not know is exactly what she does besides taking care of the attendance. She also helps and direct students with any issues and concerns. She assists the vice principal, Mr. Ramirez, with any discipline and detention issues. She also deals with phone calls and other tasks that the day demands.

“She’s so genuine and sweet to everyone who walks into the office and is super helpful whenever someone needs it,” senior Nicole Powell said.

High school is full of students trying to figure out who they are and what they are going to be. Everyone eventually ends up in the Attendance Office by senior year, whether it is for a tardy slip or running an errand for your teacher. Mrs. Routhier is one person of many that we see in the office, but it is she who always stops what she does to help anyone in need of assistance, which many of the students appreciate.

“I feel lucky to have known so many wonderful students over the years and hope to continue to be a part of their lives,” Routhier said.

I feel lucky to have known so many wonderful students over the years and hope to continue to be a part of their lives

— Routhier

Working in the same district for 18 years is a way to get to know many different students. Through this comes relationships. Routhier has developed many relationships with students and staff that have influenced her. These relationships can influence the students at Ripon High and Routhier by constantly learning something new every day from conversations and experiences.

“Now that I am working at the high school, I am able to continue watching these high schoolers mature into adulthood and move on to the next journey in their life,” Routhier said.