Music Man Maika!


What can be said about Maika West? He’s a junior at Ripon high, he’s known for his curly, poofy hair, and he’s the team captain for the Varsity water polo team. But what people do not know is West has a passion for making music and his involvement in the community and school contributes to the tribe.

Growing up, West came from a pretty musical background. His dad was the lead singer of a band throughout high school and college, and his mom played the clarinet. West’s parents had a major influence on the music he had listened to as a kid and still loves to this day.

“Growing up, I listened to Weezer and the Gorillaz. I liked the lyrics and happy energeticness of Wheezer, but I was attracted to the hip hop and electric aspect the Gorillaz had,” West explained.

With Youtube and Instagram being a large platform for influencers, musicians, and creators, they are what drew West to creating music of his own.

Music has a way of leaving a memorable impact on people and if given the opportunity, I’d like my music to leave people smiling.

— Maika West

“I started making music when I saw these youtube musicians having a good time just jamming out with each other, creating music from scratch and it inspired me. One of the tools they often use is an OP-1 synthesizer and I was fortunate enough to receive one as a Christmas gift from my parents, and I couldn’t be more grateful,” West said.

Although West doesn’t always have all the time in the world to make music due to his involvement in year-round swimming, eagle scouts, AP/honor classes, and volunteering at his church, when he does have free time it’s put to use. Making music isn’t too difficult when the inspiration is there, so West is constantly listening and searching for new music.

“I usually start with drums and then whatever inspired the track, I’ll move onto developing the hook. Later on I add chords then the bass. After making those main components, I’ll focus on working on the rest of the details,” West explained.

We have all gotten that flood of memories as soon as we hear our go-to favorite song or a throwback song from our childhood, it’s as if we were just listening to it yesterday. Music has the ability to help you reminisce old memories and expressing how you feel in a way words can’t.

“After finishing a song and sharing it with people, I feel accomplished. Music has a way of leaving a memorable impact on people and if given the opportunity, I’d like my music to leave people smiling,” West said.