The 3 A’s of Shannon Johnson: Academics, Athletics, and Arts

Ripon High’s Shannon Johnson, a junior this year, has made her high school experience highly remarkable. With her academics, athletics, and arts being her main focus.


For all three years, she has achieved A’s in all of her courses, with a few AP classes mixed in with her schedule. “I’m involved in a lot of things, so I wanted to manage my time for things other than just school.”


Volleyball is a very important part in Johnson’s life. Being a part of the Varsity team for Ripon since her sophomore year, and Junior Varsity her freshman year. Along with playing for her school, she is a part of a travel team out of Modesto. With also being part of of the high school’s varsity tennis team. When asked why she does sports Johnson replied with saying it’s exciting and fun to work with others to make something special happen. “It’s a fun way to stay in shape and healthy.”


Since the beginning of her high school career, Johnson has been singing as a soprano in Ripon’s choirs. From both beginning choir, and then in advanced choir. Johnson enjoys performing for others because as she states, “I enjoy sharing different types of music to others who might not be exposed to it any other way.” She has been highly regarded as a great student and an eager learner to improve her voice and her ability to work with others from her instructor, Mr. Geoffory Felver.


With her senior year in sight, Johnson has become a major role model in how to be able to manage her time and energy towards her many other extracurricular activities. “I think getting a taste of everything is really enjoyable because I meet many different types of people and develop memories that I will remember for the rest of my life.”