Katelynn Granum who? The hidden artist of RHS

Katelynn Granum’s art amazes many as it makes some jealous. This self taught artist won second place at the Gallery of the Arts at Ripon High this year.

Granum enjoys video games, and drawing and will be graduating Ripon High school this May and will later be attending Modesto Junior College. In the past few years, Granum has worked hard to take honors and advanced placement classes, along with being involved with Renaissance, Link Crew, Pride Tribe and CSF.   

I have been drawing ever since I held one of  those giant crayons in my tiny, sticky, kindergarten hands,

— Katelynn Granum

” Senior Granum recalled.

Granum also is the secret artist that draws in the library’s chalkboards. She does not tell others about her work unless if asked for, however she does post her artwork occasionally on her instagram.

After asking her what challenges she has faced while drawing she said Ms. Kucma and her older sister, Emma Granum. Ms. Kucma was a challenge to communicate with for Granum. This art teacher from the school year 2016-17 had different views on the kinds of acceptable art and was not open minded. As for her sister, Granum said, “I was always discouraged to show or say anything about whatever I made as my sister draws as well.”

Another challenge Granum deals with regularly and very few to no people know about is related to her stomach and diet. This condition is unknown by the doctors, but often mistaken to be Crohn’s disease and the irritable bowel syndrome.

“Since birth, I’ve had stomach issues. It basically hurts to digest food and certain foods hurt more than others,” Granum said.

Granum has had to plan her meals according to avoid severe stomach pains that last for great periods of time and has had to sacrifice foods many can eat regularly because the pain relief medications do not help her either. This hereditary condition, stops Granum from having breakfast or sugary food early in the day and the smell of such foods makes her nauseous.

“I have just grown used to it. However, school’s always been a hassle, especially attendance wise because it’s always a guessing game of how bad my stomach will hurt and how long,” Granum stated.

This great artist that draws on paper, computer applications, and basically anything, has used drawing as a coping mechanism as well as a hobby. She does not plan on to continue art as a profession because of all the risk factors involved.

“For other wanna be artists or people with hidden talents: If you’re scared that no one will like your art or not confident know you’re not here to impress anyone else but yourself. Exposing yourself to the world can help garner critiques to help you improve your style and/or inspire others who want to draw. Also, use references its not cheating,” Granum advised.