5 Things You´ll Need This Summer

Ashley Jackson, Journalist

With summer approaching quickly, marking the end of yet another school year full of procrastination and hopefully good grades, many people are already planning on how they’ll spend their well deserved break. No matter how people decide to spend their summers, there are a couple of necessities that everyone should have.

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  • Something to keep busy. For those who don’t spend their entire summer out of town, being home all day without plans can get boring very easily, and very quickly. It’s important to have stuff that will keep your attention after you’ve caught up on all your shows. For example, Freshman Alex Chavez uses video games to keep himself busy.
  • A ‘day in the sun’ kit. Even if you aren’t purposefully looking to get a tan, chances are you’ll come into contact with the sun at least a couple times during the summer. You’ll need sunscreen to prevent those nasty sunburns, sunglasses so you can actually see where you’re going, plenty of hydration to keep cool, and of course something fun to do! Whether that be going swimming with family or a day in the park with friends, it’s important to take advantage of the heat and the free time!
  • The best summer playlist! If you’re home alone, this is great for practicing for you future pop star career. Also good for long car/plane rides, background music for a hangout with your friends, or just something to listen to when you’re bored. Even if it’s just a Spotify generated playlist, music can turn a boring day into a great one. Sophomore Morgan West has the right idea when she says she needs music every summer.
  • Entertaining companions. Nothing beats the cliche teen hangout at the movies where you and your friends could quite possibly get kicked out if you don’t quiet down. Even if you aren’t the trouble-making type, friends are still essential for a great summer. It doesn’t matter what you do together, because sometimes just hanging out at someone’s house while playing games and watching movies can be even more fun than going out, but only if you’re with the right people.
  • Some great memories. Even if you hate summer, that doesn’t prevent the common onslaught of questions about what your summer was like. Use this as an excuse to make some memories you’ll treasure forever! Go to San Francisco with your friends, go see movies, go to camps and just make summer your own! If you actually enjoyed your summer, it makes bearing those half-hearted questions a whole lot easier.


We get around seventeen summers during our school careers, and then summer turns into just another random month that you happen to a sunburn during. Enjoy summer while it means something to you other than a change in weather!