Leaving Behind a Legacy


Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

     Everyone in life wants to leave their “mark” right? Whether that be at school, or work, or just in general. Usually, we try hard to be known for something and become fairly successful at it, such as sports, or just being a good person, therefore leaving behind what is known as a “legacy.” Sometimes, these can be done by accident, or sometimes on purpose. At Ripon high, there are several legacies and their own stories behind them as well. Our legacies can also be inspired by who our parents were, or sometimes they may be completely unrelated.

     “During highschool, my dad was that huge star at Homecoming, huge star wrestler, and football player, and I just hope that I don’t disappoint him my senior year and I can be as good as he was and get as far as he did,  and I definitely feel like I have that role I have to play,” stated Riley Rangel, Senior.

     Many of the students at Ripon High that are working to leave behind their own legacy can also benefit from their parent’s who once attended RHS, as well as giving them a general direction to follow. 

     “My mom attending Ripon when she was younger and now me, has made things easier, because I’ve gotten to know teachers growing up, and I’ve become close with a lot of teacher just because my mom is friends with them, and it’s really helpful to already know people on campus,” said Naomi Wilbur, Senior.

     Students at Ripon High have had family attending for years, and several generations, only exemplifying the importance of their legacy that will remain on campus for many years to come. Throughout the course of generations attending, Ripon High itself has also changed quite a bit. Some, more than others, feel attached to RHS, and choose to return and build upon their legacy and image.

     “I really enjoyed my time here at Ripon High, I was friends with a lot of people, and didn’t belong to one specific clique, because I tried a bunch of different things, I was involved with the jocks, and with the music nerds as well. I had a wide range of friends, and I’ve always felt a connection to Ripon,” stated Scott Sikma, a teacher at Ripon high.

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