Stunting through Senior Season

Stunting through Senior Season

Natalie Becerra, Journalist

Every year this time of the season comes around. The sport season comes to an end and the seniors play their last games and say their goodbyes. This is a very sad and monumental moment in an athlete’s life. Whether they are going to continue to play the sport in college or it is their last time playing it. For the cheer girls, they had their last game of the season on October 29, 2021. 

There are a total of 7 seniors this year on the 2021-2022 cheer team, their names are, Kayla Pankey, Gabrielle Krupa, Jocelyn Pangelina, Natalie Schwertferger, Dominique Downey, Dyllin Bogetti, and Giselle Valdez. 

This is Kayla’s last year cheering for Ripon High. She has done it for 7 years including pop-warner. She really enjoys it and loves the environment of cheer.

“I keep cheering because I feel like it is what I’m good at and it’s where I fit in. I’ve made a lot of friends through cheer and it’s just something I love,” said Kayla Pankey, senior.

Next is Gabrielle Krupa. Krupa has done cheer for 9 years and hopes to continue doing cheer through college. Something she is going to miss is the close bond with the girls, but she hopes the girls next year can keep the close connection.

“Every year the girls get a really good and close connection and this year was super close and very supportive,” said Gabrielle Krupa.

Something Dominique Downey loves is the energy of the crowd during the halftime routines or even when they join in on cheer during the sideline. She says that the energy keeps her going during a tiring halftime routine.

“My favorite stunt to do is any kind of basket. Except for a kick twist, those are scary!” said Dominique Downey, senior.

Each year the team really gets to bond with the seniors and it’s always hard to see them go. However Ripon High can’t wait to see what these girls will do with their future in cheer or academically.