Ten Years Later…

Ten Years Later...

     In ten years, where do you envision yourself? In college? At your dream job? Married with kids? Traveling the world? Despite wherever you may hope to be by then, not everyone’s dreams are the same. Everyone has their own agenda, which may look quite different from your own. Although ten years may seem like a whole lifetime away, it’s better to have plans now, rather than later.

     “So in the next ten years I hope to have graduated high school, get a good paying job, and hopefully be in college, or graduated from college and furthering my education depending on what I want to do, such as if I want to be in the medical field […]  I’m probably not going to be living in Ripon, but I hope to meet new people and experience new things,” Junior, Balwin Kaur stated.

     Depending on what career you choose to pursue, the amount of college that you will have to attend will also determine where you will be in the next ten years. Some careers require years and years of schooling, whereas others hardly require any. If you’d rather pursue something such as a professional sport, then this will greatly differ from someone who plans to be a doctor. Some students at RHS even have a “backup” plan in case their main goal doesn’t quite work out. 

     “When I graduate from highschool, I would like to be something in the medical field, such as a geriatric nurse, or maybe a psychologist, but if I don’t end up doing that, I would like to become a welder as a backup plan, and I also hope to attend college at UC Berkeley,” Sophomore, Brenda Gonzalez stated. 

     Between now and the next ten years, some may choose to immediately graduate high school then attend college, or some may choose to wait and pursue other things. Others may not plan to go to college at all, and some may choose to travel the world. No matter where you plan to be in the next ten years, follow your heart, and do what makes you the happiest. 

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