Ripon Role Models


Without supporters and role models, many people wouldn’t be inspired to be where they are now. Role models make it so we have something to possibly achieve in life, someone to possibly live up to, and make proud. These people vary and can include a celebrity or parental figure, maybe a fellow student! They push us to be better and try new things. When asked who inspires them as a role model, many students responded.

“Probably Gerard Way because he really inspired me to get into music and just be more into that sort of stuff,” said Dylann Ballard, freshman.

For Ballard, her role model inspired her to dabble into music she likes! Sometimes a role model can help you find things that make you happy. Role models can be gateways into hobbies or interests you probably didn’t know you’d even remotely like!

“Yes! I’ve changed to doing a class I thought I’d never do, choir (…) It’s gotten me a lot comfortable with singing and it’s gotten me a lot better,” said Logan Hartsock, senior.

Those who inspire us will encourage us to improve in many aspects of our lives. They will teach us to go for it! Like Hartsock, he went for it, and without his role model to inspire him, we don’t know if he would’ve gone for it. We sometimes need someone to push us to be better, that one role model, maybe a guardian, would be great for that.

“I’m not sure who my role model used to be, but it’s my mom now (…) She motivates me to do better, she pushes me past my limits and she tests waters with me,” said Harshita Chaudhary, junior.

Role models are what some people need to have a drive. One needs to have motivation and reason to have improvement. There has to be a goal to reach, even if vague. Role models show us what is possible if we work for it. Take what could be and work it into what is. Role models show us how to achieve the life we want, or maybe even teach us how to live life how you want to.

“My tio, David, always tells me to live my life freely and not to define myself by others standards,” said Audry Granum, Sophomore.

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