Red Cross Club Spotlight

Red Cross Club Spotlight

    A fascinating profession to go into has to be anything in the medical field. Many students at Ripon High who are interested or plan on going into the medical field have taken part in the Scrubs and the Red Cross Club. Both clubs help our future doctors and nurses, but it’s time to really dive into the details, specifically on what the Red Cross club is. 

     “My dream profession is forensic pathology (…) the Red Cross club is helping me achieve that; I get to be more involved in a medical aspect, but in reality it’s more of community service than the medical field,” claimed Grace Grinder, Junior. 

     The Red Cross club has more to do with serving your community and others, than actually understanding the specifics of the medical field. Although it does not focus on medical careers, this still helps students going into that field since you are learning how to reach out and help others by volunteering for your community. It’s good and imperative to truly comprehend going out of your comfort zones to help others and raise money for good causes even if you don’t want to get involved in the medical field. 

     “The difference between them is that the Red Cross club is actually associated with Red Cross; you go out and volunteer national disasters, serve your community, gather food for the homeless, and toys for the underprivileged community for Christmas,” Grinder continues to explain, “Scrubs club is introducing kids to premedical like different surgeries and different medical data.” 

     Not only does this help others for the better, but it’s something you can put on your college applications to really make you stand out since it demonstrates that you’re a caring person and helpful to your surrounding community. 

     “I think it’s gonna look really good in college, it’s just going to kind of stand out and help me in what I want to major in,” stated Maria Nessim, Junior. 

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