Your Latest Jewelry Report


Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

Jewelry has become an ongoing production piece for many years, but has flourished in marketability recently. Quarantine had influenced the styles of many young teens, incorporating new flashy accessories. Jewelry has had the power to fit with any sense of style, although which pieces are most favorited? 

Online shops have made an appearance especially when it comes to where to buy jewelry. Trendy accessories embrace bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, chains, etc. Jewelry can come easy to locate and buy at different price ranges at any retail store nowadays. 

“I love to wear necklaces and earrings a lot, hence why my business is focused on earrings. I love how jewelry adds a simple touch to everything and […] can spice up any outfit […] I usually get them (jewelry pieces) from Tilly’s, myself, and a lot of things from Amazon as well,” stated Jaydin Kroutil, junior. 

Jewelry interests can range from more exaggerated looks to minimalistic pieces, depending on the different styles and fashion sense teens fancy putting together. When dressing for different occasions, more settled items could be dressed down and flashier items to be dressed elegantly. 

“I would say I wear silver jewelry more often than any other. I wear it everyday because I love the way it adds to any outfit to make it seem effortlessly put together,”stated Brooke Apu, sophomore.  

Multiple quality and appearances in accessories are manufactured such as silver pieces, gold pieces, rose-gold, etc. There are even many custom made, crafted jewelry, and colorful design options. 

Jewelry itself is a personal adornment meant to wear in your own sense. Jewelry is not only a bold fashion statement, but shows a piece of one’s personality and self expression.