Living Our Dreams


Ollie Roberts, Journalist

Dreams, goals, expectations beyond our high school years. These are bound to change as we grow and find ourselves more. Going into high school we still may not be sure who we are or what we want when were older, and 9 times out of 10 they aren’t the same as what you started out with. You could have wanted to be in the music industry, but when you found more about yourself maybe you decided you really like the medical career pathway. And that’s totally ok! Hear it from some of our now seniors.

“Honestly, I thought I’d just be another one of those slaves to society working at a desk the rest of my life. But after being in JROTC and stuff I really want to join the US Army after I graduate.” said Alex Chavez, Senior. 

Another cubicle working, paper shuffling desk worker huh? Wrong! Alex plans on serving and protecting our country which is truly amazing! Those who may wanna see into being in the military or what it may be like, JROTC is a program that Ripon High has available to all students. It would replace your P.E. class and be your physical education credits, yay no P.E.! Just head to your counselor and get that switched around, who knows maybe it’ll change what you want after high school? 

“Freshman year I was like ‘aw i gotta go to college’ “i gotta do this gotta do more school’ but now I’m taking a break year. I’m not going to college, still figuring out if I wanna do that. Probably gonna work with my dad, be an electrician for a bit, you know?” said Haydn Carrick, Senior. 

Family business. Always a solid way to go. Taking a break from school after graduating is something many graduates seem to do, I mean hey you may too once you get to that point! 

Point being, your plans may change. Heck, they probably will! So don’t be afraid to explore new things! You never know where it could lead you.