Pushing “P”endleton


Rogelio Gonzalez II, Journalist

Whether it’s in the science department, Ripon High’s Super Fan Page, or on-campus in general you may have seen this familiar face around. Mrs. Pendleton is one of the many faces at the world’s greatest high school that brightens up your day. 

Mrs. Pendleton has been a teacher for Ripon High for a very long time teaching in the science department. Not only is she head of the science department,  she also does so much for our school such as taking stats for our games, putting on music for those games, announcing at times, and countless more things she does for the students. 

“I started teaching in 1995 – this is my 20th year (I took 7 years off in between to be a stay-at-home mom),” stated Mrs. Pendleton

A career for some can be for the simplicity that they enjoy the field of work they do, and for some, inspiration was drawn beforehand. Sometimes people make huge impacts on people’s lives, and they take inspiration and decide to continue these inspirations, like careers and jobs that can be pursued. 

“My inspiration was my own high school science teacher, Gary Meyers. I had him all four years of high school for science classes and I was his TA for two years. He was truly a mentor to me,”

Everyone loves prizes and events, but at Ripon High, you can’t win if you don’t check-in! Mrs. Pendleton and teacher Mr. Wright have made coming to school and attending school events more fun than they have in the past. They also make fun videos about the community, important school news, or exciting things to come to Ripon High.

“Coach Wright was introduced to the SuperFan app at an athletic directors’ conference about 5 years ago. He thought it was a good idea for our school and brought it to us. I was one of the people he talked to about it before we started using the app and he kind of roped me in to helping out. Together we talk a lot about ideas and come up with some crazy ones that we have not been afraid to try out. A lot of times we think, “Is this something that is too crazy to try?” and we end up trying it and we’ve been happy with a lot of the results. We just try to be creative and come up with things that haven’t been tried before and if they fail then we won’t do it again,”

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**updated 3/2/22