Lombardi RAMS in LA

Rogelio Gonzalez II, Journalist

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This year’s Super Bowl consisted of the Los Angeles Rams hosting the Cincinnati Bengals to a 23-20 win in their home stadium. The Rams are the second team in NFL history to play on their home field. The Bengals were looking to win their first-ever Superbowl while the Rams were trying to add on to their collection

The national anthem sung by Mickey Guyton and the opening speech by Dwayne Johson, AKA The Rock, was just the beginning of the game. So Cincinnati won the coin toss, they deferred it to receive the ball at the second half, and the Rams started at their 25-yard line. 

After a punt by the Rams and a failed 4th down conversion by Cincinnati to start the game, Matthew Stafford throws a laser. Odell Beckham Jr. catches it in the endzone for a 14-yard touchdown for the first score in the game. After exchanging touchdowns, the Bengals score a field goal before the half to make the game Rams 13 to, Bengals 10. 

After an awesome halftime performance by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem, the game was back on. The Bengals took no time to score, Tee Higgins, catches it over the defender and makes the game 17-13. After an interception by the Rams, the Bengals take another field goal and make the game 20-13. The Rams drive down the field and shorten the lead 20-16. 

The 4th quarter begins and just like that, a pair of punts for both teams take the game about halfway through where the Rams take over at their score of 21; this is where legends are made. Matthew Stafford drives this team down the field taking the clock closer and closer to zero. With 1:25 left, Stafford, Kupp, touchdown, and now they are up 23-20. After a couple of long passes, Joe Burrow gets to a 4th and 1, throwing it away while being chased by Aaron Donald.

After the sealing pressure by Aaron Donald, Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp and the Los Angeles Rams are now your Superbowl champions after getting the best Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.