Snapchat’s Platform in 2021

Snapchat’s Platform in 2021

Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

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 As well as Snapchat may have its benefits to communication worldwide, it has also introduced some dangerous risks for underaged adolescants. Anyone twelve years and older are able to download this application. It has become a problem where anyone of any age can add from around the world and take advantage of young, innocent minds. 

“I use snapchat so I can snap friends and see what they post. It’s a good way to communicate with them and just see what’s going on in their lives….It can be a bad platform for underaged kids to be on, knowing there’s always pedophiles with bad intentions. Just making sure you don’t talk to randoms online is important,” stated Alexia Lopez, sophomore at Ripon High.

Snapchat is a great platform for posting trends, entertainment, memes, or just daily updates on one’s life. As even “friends” can view private and personal life recordings, Snapchat makes it easier for adults to keep track and reach out to younger ones. Not to mention, cyber bullying as a influencing endangerment. Of course many social medias can be leading influences for bullying, although Snapchat with higher quality advancements and larger user base carries a higher risk. 

“I use Snapchat to text my friends and see what they post..I like it so I can meet new people but one of the dangers of it(Snapchat) can be getting your information leaked,” stated Brian Diaz, middle schooler at Ripona Elementary. 

In conclusion, Snapchat has made both its positive and negative effects on our generation. It works as an effective way of communication, but is communication within the whole world an okay idea? Is the risk of dangerous activity towards adolescents too high for our safety today?