Sinking of the Moskva: Russia and Ukraine


Riley Slikker, Editor

Earlier this week a Russian flag ship was sunk by two Ukranian  Neptune missiles in the Black Sea.  On Friday, teh United States supported this claim.  This ship, called Moskva, helped lead the naval assult on Ukraine duing the 2022 Russiam invasion.  Experts say the loss of the Moskva is very significant both symbolically and militarily, even if it doesn’t deal a decisive blow to Russia’s plans.  The 510-crew missile cruiser was a symbol of Russia’s military power, leading its naval assault on Ukraine.



Russia’s Defense Ministry said that a fire broke out on board, causing an explosion,  which led to the evacuation of the crew of precisely 500 members.  They said later that the Moskva sank while being towed to shore in stormy weather, however weather reports show that the conditions in the Black Sea were mild.  Mosocw also hasn’t reported any attack so far, claiming that the vessel sank due to the fires on board.

Ukraine claims responsibility saying they did in fact hit the vessel with two anti-ship missiles about 60 miles off the coast of Odesa. The defense source confirmed the ship was hit by two Neptune missiles, and said there are “likely casualties.”  

So to me, it sounds like Russia is trying to cover up the situation as if Ukraine wasn’t the reason for the ship’s demise.  Putin and officials just can’t seem to admit defeat.  It’s these small victories for Ukraine that keep them alive and strong in this invasion.

Whether the ship lies at the bottom of the Black Sea due to Ukrainian missiles, Russian incompetence, bad luck or a combination of all three remains disputed. What is true though is the fact that this is the biggest wartime loss of a naval ship in 40 years and will raise questions for Moscow, and military planners around the world.