2021-22 AP/Honors Night


Faith Yuen, Editor

AP and Honors students and parents will attend an informational night on Tuesday, April 26th at 6-7:00 pm in the RHS North Gym. This is in order to go over information, summer assignments and to discuss the Honors/AP (advanced placement) contract. 

Students and parents will arrive at the gym at 6:00 pm for a quick five minute welcome and introductions, and then the night will move on to the Honors/AP Information. This will include Contract information, which will also include the deadlines, along with AP fees and the payment process. At around 6:10 pm, students and parents will move on to visit AP and Honors instructors. Instructors will go over what their summer assignment will entail, along with their general course information. 

RHS offers numerous AP and Honors courses for many different grade levels. For freshmen, there is only one AP course offered which is APHUG, but there is also Math I Honors, and English I Honors. For sophomores, APHUG is still offered if it wasn’t taken freshman year, and the other AP course that is offered is a core class, AP World History. There are more honors classes offered for sophomores, such as English II Honors, Math II Honors, and Honors Biology. As a junior, there are a lot of AP and Honors courses that are offered. Some AP’s that you can take as a junior are APUSH, APLang, APLit, APBio, or APEnvironmental, which are all also offered your senior year if you do not take them your junior year. As for Honors courses your junior year, there is just Math III Honors. 

Make sure to come to AP/Honors night to learn more about any AP or Honors courses that you were interested in. There will be teachers there that will be going over their summer assignments and their courses.