Ripon High’s First Ever Diver


     On April 29, 2022 Brooklyn Goeckeritz competed at C.K. McClatchy High School, in Sacramento, in the section qualifiers as Ripon High’s first ever diver. She placed fifth overall, after diving in all three rounds of sections, all of her points were collected and given to Ripon High’s swim team. She competed against many schools including, St Maries High School, Davis High School, and McClatchy High School.

     Ripon high does not actually have a diving team. Brooklyn was able to talk to both Erik Zador, the RHS swim and water polo coach, and Mr. Wright, the athletics director, to make this happen. She dives club year around and was able to talk with her coach as well, about preparing her. Brooklyn has been diving for years, and was very excited for this opportunity. 

    “I have been diving for four years. I did gymnastics for like eight years before that, but I have been diving ever since. I dive at the Delta Collage and my team is the Delta Valley Divers. I was really excited when I found out I had the possibility of qualifying for state for Ripon High,” says Brooklyn Goeckeritz, Freshman.

    Brooklyn is only a freshman, and competed as a varsity diver, against seniors and juniors. She was only 3 points off of making it to state, and has so many more years to go.

    “Being the first ever diver at Ripon High is a crazy feeling. I think it’s just insane that this was all even possible,” says Brooklyn Goeckeritz, freshman.

    Brooklyn finished the meet with an overall score of 386 points. She competed eleven different dives, some of which included a front double pike, inward 1.5 tuck, and a back 1.5 twist. 

    “My hardest dive was my front double pike. I had been stressing about it for weeks and was so proud of myself and my performance because it was the best one I had ever done,” says Brooklyn Goeckeritz, freshman.

    Overall, Brooklyn is so incredibly proud and honored to be able to represent Ripon High School in her favorite sport. She has so many years left to compete, and is so excited to learn and grow. 

    “I was so close this year, and I have it in the bag next year. I am going to practice and work my hardest, because my ultimate goal is a scholarship. My biggest piece of advice to athletes is to work hard and never give up!” says Brooklyn Goeckeritz, freshman.  

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My biggest piece of advice to athletes is to work hard and never give up!”

— Brooklyn Goeckeritz