Preparing for DisneyLand!!!


Brian E. Gutierrez, Journalist

Attention RHS! Senior Trip this year will be on May 13th, taking place at DisneyLand! This is an exciting time of the year for seniors who will be going to the happiest place on earth for those Disney lovers. Who doesn’t love the rides, restaurants, resorts, and participating in Disney arts and science workshops held in the park? Disney World is the perfect destination for any youth organization, especially for our lovely seniors graduating in 3 weeks. Our Indians chose a good location to spend their last class field-trip together before the students go their separate ways after their last day of school on May 27.

Students will be traveling on the school bus provided by our Ripon Unified District. Luckily, students had an opportunity to be with their friends on the bus by signing up today during lunch outside the library. Once the lunch bell rung, the line started getting long, which shortened after 15 minutes. Many seniors are eager for the date to come. Some, but not many are nervous about the outcome of the trip, although many don’t feel that they will be regretting going even if the trip was expensive. Who would even regret going to DisneyLand?

“I’m very excited to go to Disney with all my friends. I haven’t been to Disney in a while and can’t wait to feel the experience all over again.” Salvador Guzman, senior.

Disneyland is a place where boredom doesn’t exist; there are many fun activities anyone can do. Disneyland has many rides for entertainment such as, slow drops, dark rides, live entertainment, spinning, loud, etc. Many rides like Splash Mounting will be around water/have water in them; students will mostly likely be wet all day; this could be avoided by bringing pairs of clothes in case of an emergency or bringing a Poncho Rain Coat for extra protection. Of course, depending on how long the waiting for each ride is, depending on how many rides our seniors will be able to ride on, there’s always the option of going for a walk, taking pictures, going shopping for some Mickey Mouse hats, etc. Always make the best memories of your last field trip with the class of 2022. Good Luck Seniors!!

“(…) This trip was expensive, but I honestly think it’ll be worth it. I’m planning on going on whatever ride has the shortest line, but I am looking forward to Splash Mountain; it’s my favorite ride out of all of them(…).” Jayson Ponce, senior.