Heard vs Depp

Heard vs Depp

Emily Paxton, Journalist

A recent debate in the pop culture world of “Who did what?”. A serious court case of defamation against Johnny Depp is now being live streamed for fans and critics to view and form their own opinions.

In 2018, Amber Heard released tweets and various articles expressing how important it was for domestic abuse victims like her to come into the light. Though Johnny’s name was never mentioned, outlookers pointed the finger at him. In 2022, Johnny and Amber’s court trial has now taken the news. The testimony of Johnny has gone viral appearing in many Tik Toks and supporters “edits”. Viewers have created a mockery of Amber’s career and lifestyle.

“I can’t wait for the cross examination.” said one Tiktok commenter on an creative and funny video of Amber’s “lies” and “fake tears”.

It’s a very interesting discussion within the drama world right now as survivors and different lawyers take a look at the trials and speak out. Lies and the suspicious behavior from Amber’s lawyers is being called out and brought up over twitter and other social media. Seeing the fans and non-fans of Depp and Heard come together over platforms is mind blowing. It shows the amount of power and personality the people on the internet have.

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