AP Spanish Exam


Brian E. Gutierrez, Journalist

Students who took AP Spanish this year will be starting their AP exams this week on May 10th at 7 in the morning at the North Big Gym. Students are required to pay a specific amount before April 1st. There was a cheaper price for students who received free school lunch. The money will go straight to College Board and will not be refunded under any circumstances if a student doesn’t make it on time, does not pass, or wishes for a refund. If student wish to earn their Seal of Biliteracy, they are required to complete 4 passing years of spanish class, although, students taking AP Spanish, and taking the AP Spanish test this year will have an advantage of not taking Spanish next year, yet, get their Seal of Biliteracy if they have a passing score on their Ap Exam.

Rhs Ap Spanish Teacher is Señora McPherson; she has done her best to fully prepare all Ap students for this test. Throughout the whole year, señora has assigned “Lecturas” every week throughout the semester for students to read, answer questions, write summaries, and to listen to videos about their “lecturas”. Señora McPherson has done a great job teaching Spanish skills, while teaching and preparing the students for their Ap exam. Señora McPherson slowly introduced students to how to write a formal written email and argumentative essay in under an hour; this took a lot of skill and practice to make the students get used to. After, students learned how to get comfortable with an old recorder, they learned how to keep a conversation going and answering questions and prepared their speeches in under 7 minutes.

“(…) She did an amazing job in preparing us for the AP Test. We practiced every day while having fun in class. The AP test wasn’t different from what we’ve been learning and practicing(…)” Yissel Soto, junior.

All students were required to be at school before 7am on Wednesday; before students entered the gym, señora Mcpherson was kind enough to give a goody bag to all students. The goodybag contained some snacks, a granola bar, chocolate, a piece of gum, a water bottle, a pencil and a pen. Many students were grateful for this good bag. Once students entered the gym, they were asked to use the restroom before entering the testing area since nobody is allowed to use the restroom during the testing session unless it’s during their special 10 minute break. All backpacks including phones were asked to be left behind in a separate room. Students finished testing at 11:15am and luckily were able to leave 35 minutes before lunch.

“An advice I would give to future Ap students next year is to pay attention in class all year. Everything we learn throughout the year is helpful for the exam.” Ayleen Alcala, junior.