Strangers to Friends


Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

In the duration of a life span, friendships are a significant part of impacting choices and time being. Not only throughout highschool, but elementary school, middle school, college, and adulthood is where friendships are created and destroyed as well. How do friendships even come to form in highschool and who are high schoolers largest impacts today? 

Friends not only are built inside of school, but also during extra curricular activities, family friends, friends connections, etc. There are an endless amount of opportunities for new people to meet and grow a connection, which is what high school inspires students to do. 

“We (best friends) met at the end of 7th grade. We wouldn’t really talk in school, but we rode the same bus and they would stare at me very strangely…We first talked when I went to the soccer field and a friend of mine introduced us. Since then we became friends and we got less and less shy,” stated Alexia Lopez, sophomore. 

The closest and best friendships vary on nothing but the effort an individual puts in to maintain companionship. The foundation of friendship, as well as any other relationship is trust and compassion. For some people, there may be an instant click to their bond, while others grow a bond throughout a duration of time. 

“I’ve lost friendships as well as gained them..losing them has made me stronger and generally helped me grow as a person. Honestly just talk to people, and avoid potentially awkward situations from turning you away from making friends. At the end of the day, the awkward moments won’t matter,” stated Emily Vanderweide, sophomore.

Throughout an average lifespan, a human may make over hundreds of friendships, although only a few that they can maintain. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is key in meeting new people, as well as socializing. A best friend is never known when to be meeted.