End of Year Rally and Finals Schedule


It’s the end of the final quarter and Ripon High is gearing up for the end of year rally and finals week. There will be a different bell schedule for the rally this Friday as well as for each day for finals during the last week of school. 

Friday May 20 will be a seven period day, with 35 minute class periods. Lunch will be from 12:04pm until 12:44pm. Students, keep this in mind when going off campus for lunch. The rally will start at 2:10pm and will conclude at 3:40pm. Students will be dismissed from school at the conclusion of the rally. 

Finals week is May 23 through 27. Monday is a regular seven period day, as finals start on Tuesday. Finals for first and second period finals will be on Tuesday each having an 85 minute block, separated by a 20 minute break. Lunch will be at 11:40am through 12:20pm. Periods three and four will each have a 40 minute period. The day will end at 1:45pm. Wednesday will be finals for periods zero, three, and four. The schedule will be similar to Tuesday’s with the exception of periods five, six, and seven each having 25 minute periods after lunch. Thursday will have finals for periods five through seven, each having an 85 minute block. There is a 15 minute break between period five and six, then lunch after sixth period at 11:35am through 12:20pm. The day will conclude at 1:45pm. We wish all students the best of luck on their semester finals. 

The last day of school is Friday the 27. There will be 35 minute class periods with lunch at 11:50am through 12:25pm. The school year will end at 1:40pm. Seniors have graduation practice in the morning and will be dismissed when practice is finished.