Girls Softball Game


Girls varsity softball had their last game on May 12 at Escalon High. They have been first in TVL this year and won almost all of their games. The girls worked hard this year finishing as TVL champions and will now move on to playoffs. 

One of the players told us that for this game the coach told the players to purposely lose. He also told them to not throw in their best offensive players so that they could rest their starters and give other players chances to play. 

“My favorite part of the season is being TVL champions.  The game went well for me because I had a couple of stolen bases that were pretty risky. I am sad about the season being over but I am also happy that we get to move into the playoffs,” said Ava Brochinni, sophomore.

During this game, Caitlynn Campbell had a home run. During the game before she also had other home runs which finished off senior night with a bang and also hyped up the team for their later games. Throughout the season, the girls’ varsity softball team lost their starting pitcher last year, but Mims and Jaycee did an amazing job filling in for her. Jaycee had an especially good game in the most recent one.[sno-poll id=”14105″ result_color=”#bf0d0d” tile_color=”#ffffff” align=”left” background=”on” background_color=”#ffffff” border=”all” border_color=”#888888″ border_size=”5px” shadow=”on”]

“It’s always fun playing Escalon because the energy is so high and there are always a lot of people. We had the potential of playing Escalon in playoffs so we didn’t start our first-string

pitcher. Jaycee, our other pitcher, threw a great game though. It definitely sucks that we lost but we still won the TVL,” said Katie Rhodes, sophomore.

Our girls’ varsity softball team had a great year. They won almost all of their games and in the end became TVL champions and will be moving onto the second round of playoffs these next few weeks. So let’s wish them luck as they battle through these next games.